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Improve your flexibility and fight muscular blockages!

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Treat yourself - to a SPINEFITTER by SISSEL® training

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The SPINEFITTER by SISSEL® was developed from daily work in therapy practice & studio. It can be used in many different ways in therapy, individual and group training.

The unique shape of the SPINEFITTER loosens the shoulder-neck area in simple application. Mechanical stimuli open the small vertebral joints of the spine and can release blockages by moving on the SPINEFITTER.

Application of the SPINEFITTER by SISSEL®

The 28 two-row ball structures can stimulate and massage tense muscles in the shoulder and neck area while lying down.

With gentle exercises from the areas of spinal gymnastics, Pilates and Yoga, a wide variety of muscle groups can be specifically addressed and blockages can be resolved. Balance exercises can provide additional stimuli and thus further vary the application.

The optional accessories round off the range of services: with the Linum heating pad, the relaxing effect of the treatments can be prepared and followed up. Carrying strap and backpack make the SPINEFITTER independent of the location of the exercises and so it becomes the ideal training equipment on the go!

SPINEFITTER by SISSEL® in practice

With their years of experience, the two therapists Katrin Zinke and Nina Metternich knew exactly how to help practitioners. So after a groundbreaking idea and a few attempts, the SISSEL® SpineFit was born. This has now been further optimized through intensive development work and the SPINEFITTER by SISSEL® was born.

The SPINEFITTER is used daily in Nina Metternich's physiotherapy practice, and it is already very popular with users. But the SPINEFITTER can also be used in various ways in fitness, yoga and Pilates studios.

  • SPINEFITTER by SISSEL® - Function

    Intense, deep-acting pressure over the entire musculature on both sides of the spine

  • SPINEFITTER by SISSEL® - Function

    The dorsal processes of the spine slide between the rows of balls - intuitive and gentle application

  • SPINEFITTER by SISSEL® - Function

    Stimulation and incitation of the energy pathways, the body's own forces can be activated


Traditional concepts meet innovation - relaxation meets training.

Mit dem SPINEFITTER by SISSEL können Verspannungen und Blockaden im Bereich des Nackens, der Wirbelsäule und der Schultern gelöst werden. Bereits mit einfachen Übungen auf dem SPINEFITTER werden neue Reize gesetzt. Auch die Balancefähigkeit kann gesteigert werden. Besonders sinnvoll ist die Anwendung in der Therapie (Physio oder Reha), im Pilates-Studio oder auch zuhause.
  • Massage

    Design your application as individually gentle and intense as you wish.

  • Stimulation

    Fascia, muscles and entire body regions can be adressed efficiently.

  • Mobility

    Special exercises for mibilisation can be supported and intensified by the SPINEFITTER.

  • Balance

    Trace your own centre and return to a balanced and stable posture.


The Pilates training on the SPINEFITTER is a highlight! The gentle massage of the Fasciae and tense muscles in the area of the spine, shoulders and neck is super pleasant, the effect is lasting. Whether problems with the hips, shoulders or general back pain - the SPINEFITTER immediately provides relief, improved mobility and an all-round comforting body feeling.
100% satisfaction & happiness! I am using the SPINEFIT and now the new SPINEFITTER almost every day for myself and with my clients from all around the world. I can highly recommend it and tell, that it works for sure: my spine is more flexibel - so I am younger. My energy is in a better flow - so I am healthier. My nerval system is more relaxed - so I am in a meditative mood.
The SPINEFITTER workshop with Nina was very interesting and refreshing in the way she presents the SPINEFITTER. The feedback from my clients/patients has been consistently positive. As a trainer/therapist, an improvement in ROM as well as a more harmonious movement over the spine [...] can be observed directly in each case. This allows me to address the functional chains better and more efficiently [...].