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How the SPINEFITTER by SISSEL® works

Whether at home, in the studio, in the training group or in practice, tradition and innovation form a unit

The principles of the SPINEFITTER by SISSEL® are not new. Many of them have been known for centuries and have established themselves over time when it comes to combating physical restraints and limitations. Yet, with the SPINEFITTER by SISSEL it is the first time that we managed to combine these principles in an intuitive training device. The SPINEFITTER by SISSEL® is practical, timely and effective without neglecting proven treatment concepts. The SPINEFITTER by SISSEL® combines aspects of a fitness tool, of relaxation and an effective training in one effective device.

These factors contribute to your physical well-being: 

  • Deep, intense pressure on both sides of the spine relaxes the entire muscles
  • pressure points are stimulated, increasing mobility and blocked muscle zones are being relaxed
  • the multi-functional design of the SPINEFITTER allows for a holistic training that extends beyond the mentioned context, even offering applications to improve coordination, balance and muscle strength

Spine with pressure points for relaxation and mobilization


The SPINEFITTER by SISSEL® - well thought out design for maximum effectiveness

The 28-ball shapes, arranged in two rows, are the ideal counterpart to the spinal muscles. The primary form of application of the SPINEFITTER is immediately clear by its appearance alone: the visual connotation to the human spine is undeniable and given directly. The static construction of the training equipment makes it almost impossible to misuse the training equipment. Weight, feel, material and workmanship always offer the optimal solution for the most diverse requirements on the users' behalf.

Become active for your mobilisation

It has never been so easy to take action for your mobility and flexibility on your own terms. Battle blockages and tension and proceed efficiently and sustainably against pain and muscle discomfort. The SPINEFITTER by SISSEL® is your training equipment of the next generation, whether at home, in private practice groups, in the studio or in the professional treatment environment. Try it out! You'll be thrilled!

The spine slides between the ball rows of the spinefitter.