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SPINEFITTER by SISSEL - between Burj Khalifa and Desert Tour

SPINEFITTER by SISSEL - between Burj Khalifa and Desert Tour

SPINEFITTER by SISSEL - between Burj Khalifa and desert tour

Finally we could present our SPINEFITTER by SISSEL internationally - and are back from the ArabHealth 2022 in Dubai!
Between the impressive Burj Khalifa and the beautiful desert landscape the
the SPINEFITTER has once again proven to be an optimal tool for our back health and a faithful and a loyal companion we wouldn't want to do without.



After the SPINEFITTER by SISSEL had already been enthusiastically received at the international trade fair MEDICA in Düsseldorf last year, the SPINEFITTER by SISSEL was likewise accepted and tested - and now it is also used for therapeutic applications.
In numerous practices, studios and in everyday life - we were pleased to be able to present the SPINEFITTER to our customers, medical professionals and interested parties in the Middle East on site.
We are particularly glad that our SPINEFITTER by SISSEL is now not only available in Europe, but also for our customers there - and it also attracted the full attention at the ArabHealth crowd!


First WORKSHOP in Dubai

Some took the opportunity to test the SPINEFITTER in a small workshop with a limited number of participants. To our delight, we were able to practise the most popular exercises such as Bridging, Cactus and Dead Bug on the SPINEFITTER and discover the SPINEFITTER together.
A special highlight and a little tip from us: the combination of the SPINEFITTER with the SPINEFITTER by SISSEL Linum - our heating and cooling pillow with linseed filling.


SPINEFITTER by SISSEL - in Europe, USA & the Middle East

As before, we would like to give our customers and interested parties around the world the opportunity to get to know our innovation live. Therefore, further presentations are planned abroad at international trade fairs. Of course, these will be presented in combination with the popular live or online workshops and training courses for optimal application. Let's train together!

If you too would like to share your enthusiasm for the SPINEFITTER, take part in our Affiliate Partner Programme, learn how to use the SPINEFITTER in our Workshops, come and visit us at a trade fair, become a physiotherapist SPINEFITTER by SISSEL Certified Instructor and pass on your knowledge.

You want to stay up to date? Become part of the international SPINEFITTER Community for a common training!