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The SPINEFITTER by SISSEL® is easy and intuitive to use. Whether to support your Pilates or yoga workouts or with exercises specifically designed for the SPINEFITTER.

The innovative shape already reveals: the focus is on the spinal application, in order to stimulate muscle zones specifically here and to free them from blockages through the effective massage effect.

But even beyond this area, the SPINEFITTER by SISSEL® offers an immense range of applications, to which only your imagination sets the limits.

To give you an insight into the variability of our innovative new product, we have put together some exercises for you. These are expertly presented by our SPINEFITTER by SISSEL® Master Trainers Nina Metternich (German language video series) and Alexander Bohlander (English language video series).

Just give it a try!


SPINEFITTER by SISSEL® | Übungen - Serie 01 | mit Nina Metternich | (Deutsch)

01. Einführung und grundlegende Hinweise

02. Entspannte Schultern & gelöster Nacken

03. Lockere und bewegliche Schultern

04. Mobilisierung des oberen Rückens

05. Spannungskopfschmerz lösen

06. Entspannung des unteren Rückens

07. Mobilisation des Beckens

08. Stabilisation & Kräftigung der Fußgelenke

09. Dehnung und Lockerung der Waden- und Fußmuskulatur

10. Öffnung der vorderen und hinteren Muskelkette

11. Verbesserung von Gleichgewicht & Koordination

12. Vorschau auf weitere SPINEFITTER-Übungen


SPINEFITTER by SISSEL® | Exercises - Series 01 | with Alexander Bohlander | (English)

01. Education Exercise Series

02. Shoulder and Neck Relaxation

03. Shoulder Mobilisation

04. Mobilisation of Upper Back

05. Release Tension Headache

06. Lower Back Relaxation

07. Mobilisation of Pelvis

08. Stabilise your Feet & Ankles

09. Stretch and Relax your Feet & Calves

10. Opening Front and Back Muscle Chains

11. Improvement of Balance & Coordination

12. Preview - Next Series

Of course, your imagination knows no bounds! Get creative and design your own sports program.

If you still want a more detailed introduction to the SPINEFITTER by SISSEL®, you are welcome to book one of our courses, which the inventor Nina Metternich has specially compiled.


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